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3 Methods on How to Backup iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, It is always advisable to backup your iPhone data & files, just in case something unfortunate happens. Whether it’s a toilet phone or losing your device, iPhones live dangerous lives and you should always have the backup. Most people will want to backup iPhone to their computer. But frequent travelers and those without a computer will want to use the iCloud method. Having only one copy stored somewhere, especially online, is unwise. Best to have multiple backup sources in case one of them fails.

Apple provides two methods to backup an iPhone, backup iPhone to cloud server via iCloud, or backup iPhone to computer via iTunes. But there's a few things you should to know:

1) iCloud can't backup all data on your iPhone.

2) iTunes can't selectively backup iPhone data, and can't backup non-purchased audio and video.

3) You can't preview and extract any data from the iTunes backup file on your computer.

Filling the gap and a more convenient way to backup iPhone are only third-party data backup software.

In this post, we will show you how to backup iPhone to iCloud, how to backup iPhone to computer with iTunes, and also give another choice to backup iPhone to computer via third-party software. According their Pros and Cons, choosing iPhone backup methods that fit for you.

Method 1. How to Backup iPhone to iCloud

Method 2. How to Backup iPhone to Computer with iTunes

Method 3. How to Backup iPhone to Computer with Backup Software

Method 1. Backup iPhone to iCloud

1. What Does iCloud backup

iCloud backups purchase history of music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books, photos and videos in the Camera Roll, device settings, app data, home screen and app organization, iMessage, text, and MMS messages, ringtones, visual Voicemail.

2 : How to Backup iPhone to iCloud

Step 1. Make sure WiFi network is turned on your iPhone.

Step 2. Go to Settings > iCloud

Step 3. If you haven't sign in iCloud account, sign in it.

Step 4. Tap Storage & Backup > Backup Now.

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3. Steps to Trim iPhone Backup

Iif you don't have enough iCloud storage space, follow these steps to trim iPhone Backup. Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage, then tap on the name of your device.

On this screen, you can choose exactly what gets backed up to iCloud. Tap any of the toggles next to the apps listed on this screen to turn off iCloud backup for their data. In most cases, the biggest share of your backup will be photos and videos that you've shot; these are shown as Camera Roll. Think about transferring some of these photos to your computer from time to time to make backups smaller and faster.

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Pros and Cons

Apple only offers you 5GB free storage of iCloud. Make sure you have enough cloud storage before backing up iPhone to iCloud. Otherwise, you may need to buy more storage. And cloud backup is usually much slower than local backup.

Method 2. Backup iPhone to Computer with iTunes

1. What Does iTunes Backup

iTunes backs up most of data on your iPhone, including Camera Roll, contacts, contacts and favorite, calendars, safari, autofill, cache/database, notes, mail accounts, call history, messages, voicemail, voice memos, network settings, keychain, app store application data, application settings, in-app purchases, game center accounts, wallpapers, location service preferences, installed profiles, maps and saved suggestion corrections and more.

2. How to Backup an iPhone with iTunes

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable.

Step 2. Open iTunes.

Step 3. On the left sidebar of iTunes, click your iPhone under DEVICES. This brings up the iPhone control panel on the right.

Step 4. In the Summary tab, go to the Backups section. Click Back Up Now.

Step 5. The backup process starts. Please wait until it's completed.

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3. Steps to Encrypt iPhone Backup

To keep your iPhone backup safe, you can also encrypt iPhone backup.

Step 1. In your iPhone control panel, go to the Summary pane, tick Encrypt iPhone backups.

Step 2. A dialog pops-up, asking you to enter the password for the iPhone backup. Enter the password and the backup process begins automatically.

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4. Where to Find iPhone Backup Location

iTunes backup will be saved on your computer, but the backup locations differ from the computer OS. Here are the detailed itunes backup locations, you can have a check.

Mac OS

/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

Windows 8

Users(username)/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup

Windows 7

Users(username)/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/MobileSyncBackup

Windows Vista

Users(username)AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup

Windows XP

Documents and Settings(username)/Application Data/Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup

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Pros and Cons

It is free and easy to backup iPhone to computer with iTunes. But you are not allowed to preview and choose the types before backup. And you are not allowed to veiw your iPhone backup on your computer because of the format problems. In addition, if you have transferred some non-purchased audio and video to your iPhone, iTunes can't backup them for you. In order to make up for the flaws of this method, we provide you a better solution in "Method 3". You can choose the proper one you like.

Method 3. Backup iPhone to Computer with Backup Software

When comes to iPhone backup software, Dr.Fone - iOS Data Backup & Restore is the most worth to recommended tool, which enables you to do a whole backup of almost all data on your iPhone and iPad, or you can selectively export the data that you want to keep on your computer. When there is a need, you also can restore the backed up data to your device by selecting the items you want. Moreover, you can preview and export any items from the backup file on your computer, and save them as HTML, CSV or vCard files. It is convenient and fast.

1. How to Backup iPhone to Computer with Dr.Fone - iOS Data Backup & Restore

Step 1. In order to learn how to backup an iPhone, launch the software on the computer. When its primary window shows up, choose "More Tools" and click "iOS Data Backup & Restore". Then connect your iPhone to computer.

Step 2. Select the type of data you want to backup.

When the backup is completed, Dr.Fone will scan your iPhone data, this process will take a few minutes.

Step 3. You can choose the contents to backup, just click the button "Restore to device" or "Export to PC".

Pros and Cons

Backing up iPhone with Dr.Fone - iOS Data Backup & Restore is easy and fast. You can easily finish the whole process in 3 steps! And it allows you to preview and selectviely backup your iPhone, you can flexibly choose what you want to backup and don't need to spend your time on the extra useless iPhone data backup. What's more, you can directly veiw your iPhone backup files on your computer. But it is a paid software.

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